• Beach Communities

  • Sunset Beach
    Sunset Beach received its name from the beautiful sunrises and sunsets that can be seen from the island due to its unique southern exposure. Beyond the sunsets, this beach is also known for its powdery white sand. Another unique feature of the island is Bird Island, an undeveloped and secluded island that can only be accessed by land by way of Sunset Beach. The inland side of Sunset features several golf courses, Ingram Planetarium and Sea Trail Golf Resort & Convention Center.
    Sunset Beach is the home of the annual Sunset at Sunset Festival in October!

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    Ocean Isle Beach
    Ocean Isle Beach offers seven miles of family fun. Beyond the beach, there are many activities to enjoy including fishing charters, public tennis courts, kayaking on the Intracoastal Waterway and of course, golf. The Museum of Coastal Carolina also resides on the island and offers visitors information on the natural history of the region and historical artifacts. Ocean Isle is also the home for the North Carolina Oyster Festival.

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    Holden Beach

    Holden Beach boasts some of the most spectacular homes in our area and has officially received National Healthy Beach status through the National Healthy Beaches Campaign. Among its other recognitions, Holden was rated one of the best family beaches in the country by National Geographic Traveler magazine. In order to truly experience the culture of this beach, visit during one of its annual festivals, A Day at the Docks in April and Festival by the Sea in October.

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    Oak Island
    Oak Island is the largest beach community in North Carolina and features the largest commercial district of all the Brunswick County islands. This island offers more than 50 public beach accesses, several boat ramps, recreational areas and a skate park. The Town of Oak Island has an active Sea Turtle Protection Program and the beaches are a focal point for the protection of sea turtle nesting and habitats. The town’s Recreation Department also features a turtle display in their Ocean Education Center.

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    Caswell Beach
    Caswell Beach is a charming, family oriented beach with local flavor that really packs a punch. Located in Brunswick County between Wilmington, North Carolina and Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, it lies facing east to west off of NC highway 211. This comfortable family atmosphere is what draws many people migrating from all over the nation to live in Brunswick County, one of the fastest growing counties in North Carolina. Caswell Beach is named after the nearby historic Civil War fort, Fort Caswell that was established in 1826. Caswell Beach has the brightest lighthouse in the United States and has a modern Coast Guard Station close to the lighthouse. One side of the beach overlooks the Cape Fear River Shipping Channel as well as historic Southport. Caswell Beach was named for Fort Caswell, which was built in 1826 and seized by Confederate troops in 1861.

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    Bald Head Island
    Bald Head Island is unlike any of the county’s other islands in that it is only accessible by powerboat or a pedestrian ferry. Once on the island, visitors and residents travel around the island by golf carts or bikes. Bald Head Island offers a true escape from the everyday world. This island is also home to Old Baldy, the eight-sided brick lighthouse that was built in 1818. Guests can take a tour of the lighthouse and even climb up 108 wooden steps to the top. Bald Head is the southernmost of North Carolina's cape islands, marked by the legendary Cape Fear. It's also the northernmost subtropical environment on the East Coast, making it a haven for a wide array of wildlife, including nearly 200 species of birds, dolphins, loggerhead turtles, alligators, deer, foxes, and an amazing variety of fish.

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