• BrunscoHasIt.com

  • BrunscoHasIt.com provides a stunning visual way to explore the products and services that our members have to offer. This valuable marketing tool is INCLUDED as a part of Chamber Membership with different opportunities to level-up and market your business in an increased capacity.

    When you click on each category or community, the members for that category or community are featured in a beautiful grid-based layout. To keep placement fair for everyone, every time a category page is loaded the member boxes are presented in a completely random order, ensuring every member has a fair chance for peak positions! For members who don’t want to get lost in the crowd, there are a few bigger boxes reserved for members who want to “Pop To The Top” of their category for a small annual free.

    This extremely relevant and attractive resource will help residents and visitors in our community find the important local businesses they’re looking for. With plans for a BrunscoHasIt.com marketing push and co-branding with our upcoming Brunsco Has It Business Expo, we expect you will love seeing your business featured on our new BrunscoHasIt.com page, again, at no extra cost to you. Each “standard member box” links directly to your website or Facebook page for increased web traffic and more opportunities to capture leads and generate sales.