Brunswick County Teen Court Mini-Mock Trial

September 08, 2017
Teen Court groups from Brunswick, Columbus and Bladen Counties came together to hold the first ever 13th District Mini-Mock Trial in August at the Brunswick County Courthouse. There were 25 student volunteers serving as attorneys, clerks, and bailiffs for this educational and unifying experience. The students formed their own teams and worked gathering facts and preparing for the mock trial and their roles for two months leading up to the actual mock trial date.

Over 20 adult volunteers were on hand working with students to create the best educational and learning environment for the mock trail event. Brunswick County Teen Court attorney adult mentors Nancy Adelis, Tim Dugan, Judge Pauline Hankins and Tom Krieger helped the students prepare their arguments. Special thanks to the North and South Brunswick Kiwanis who volunteered as Jury Monitors and the individuals who volunteered to serve as witnesses during the trials.

One student volunteer stated, “Mock trial was fun and interesting because it challenged me to use my skills to prove my client innocent instead of just settling for a sentence. The best part of the mock trial experience was that I got feedback that is going to help me become a better Teen Court attorney. It was nice to hear feedback on strengths and weaknesses so I can be a more successful attorney!”

“To participate in the mock trials was an amazing opportunity to represent Brunswick County. It was with hard work, and dedication that we succeeded for our client. I'm grateful for the experience as it helps me grow and have greater knowledge of the court and judicial system,” said a Brunswick County Teen Court student participant.

The Teen Court program is a partnership between Communities In Schools of Brunswick County, the Juvenile Crime Prevention Council, Brunswick County Schools, and the Brunswick County District Attorney’s Office. If you have questions about Teen Court please contact Teen Court Director Jamie Duesing at 910-253-4087 or by email Visit Brunswick County Teen Court on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for more information and updates.
Todd Beane, Communications Manager, (910) 457-3494