• Official NC Commemorative Items

  • Official 2013 NC Oyster Festival T-Shirt logo Official 2014 NC Oyster Festival T-Shirt logo

    One of a kind shirts are available the weekend of the festival. Each year a new creative shirt is designed. The Chamber sells t-Shirts (both long sleeve and short) and in all sizes. They are located at the chamber booth near the front of the festival.

    Official NC Oyster Festival Art Work

    Local artist Keith White has been creating beautiful Oyster themed prints for several years. Each year the chamber unveils his unique work before the festival. Date to be set soon. He also is an artist native to Brunswick County, NC. His work varies from pen & ink, watercolor, acrylic, and scratchboard. His art consist of logo designs, t-shirt designs, House illustrations to custom surfboard art.

    Check out more of his art work



    Official NC Oyster Festival Jewelery 

    2013 the NC Oyster Festival contracted with local jeweler, Bryn Elizabeth jewelers to design a one-of-a- kind necklace. Each necklace is number and hand crafted. The jewelry will be unveiled for 2014 along with the artwork

    2013 Oyster Necklace


    2014 Oyster Necklace