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    The Women in Business Program is comprised of Brunswick County Chamber Members committed to fostering a supportive environment for women in business to thrive. While our committee members are all women in the business community, we benefit from the engagement of businessmen in our county who support the growth and success of women in business through sponsorship, recruitment and promotion of our program.


    To empower, educate and entertain emerging and established women in the workplace by providing guidance, support, resources and opportunities to be successful in the business world.


    To provide events and programs that will inspire confidence and foster professional achievement by helping women to identify their passions and path to success.

    • Through these programs, women will be able to identify their passions and path to success.


    To develop opportunities that encourage a community of aspiring businesswomen to connect both professionally and personally.  

    • This network will have a continuing impact on their lives.


    To recognize the women of influence in our community and their roles in supporting and mentoring women in business.

    • Emerging businesswomen will gain exposure to influencers and resources to support their goals.


  • 2018 Program Sponsor

  • 2018 Event Sponsor - Workshop: Put Yourself First

  • 2018 Event Sponsor - Workshop: Put Yourself First

  • 2018 Event Sponsor - Wine, Women & Chocolate

  • “Advancing leadership opportunities for women in business is critical to the growth of our community. First Citizens understands the importance of supporting women in the workplace as a cornerstone of achieving business success. But more than that, sponsorship and advocacy of programs like this — that engage women on multiple levels — provide opportunities for personal and professional development, leading to collective business success in our community. They also are a part of our bank’s Forever First commitment to the people, businesses and communities we serve. ” – Allen Bryant, Senior Vice President, First Citizens Bank and Women in Business Sponsor.

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